Mount Anne

Near on a month ago I managed to scale a peak by the name of Mount Anne, located in Tasmania's South West National Park. An overnight camp ensured it was no straight up and down affair. Seven hour hike in and long-winding decent on the way out - all with 15kg packs on backs.

The peak tops out at 1423m ASL with a very treacherous pillar climb in the last 50m ascent.

The above image was shot from 'shelf camp' an overnight spot that gives you direct peak views of Mount Anne as well as the densely forested valley's below.


Mount Ann March 2018 6.jpg

Light Filled

When the sun broke the shadows it was ready to burn

Arrived to find the sun shaking itself the cloud and bathing the cliffs in warm hues of yellow. Fine day on the cards with perhaps a top of 26C.

Cockatoos enjoyed the view.

Temperature: 18.7C

Wind: West Sou-Westerly at ~15km/h

Humidity 81%

Condensing Skies

Steady onshore flow brings moderately heavy showers to Bondi

Awoke to moderately-heavy rainfall. Light, moist South-Easterly wind over the warm sea surface fueled frequent showers, with 17mm since midnight.

Air temperature: 18.7C (Max: 24C)

Sea Temperature: 22.7C

Wind: South Easterly at 15-20 km/h

Relative Humidity: 91%